JOIN US FOR THIS IMPORTANT FILM - LOS QUE SE QUEDAN (Those Who Stay Behind) WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Thursday, October 18, 7-9 pm at Vermont Folklife Center

This film focuses on the families left behind by Mexican migrants in the United States. The focus on the issue of migration that we see in the movies tends to focus on the treacherous journey that so many Mexicans and Central Americans make across the border to the United States, or what life is like once they get there. The homes and families that those migrants come from are usually just a jumping-off point for filmmakers, but Directors Rulfo and Hagerman chose to stay at the point of departure to see how those who remain are impacted. The directors spent 11 months with more than a dozen Mexican families, living in their homes, observing their lives and getting a sense of their realities.

"The intimacy that the directors capture in the film, in terms of people’s feelings as well as the relationships they have with their loved ones, is what gives "Those Who Remain" its poetic tone…," says the LA Times.

Please join us.