Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Celebration—a success! Hundreds of curious visitors streamed through Union Station in Burlington this past Saturday to see the fruits of 20 years of support to traditional artists in VT through our Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program.

They were treated to live music by fiddlers, Koto players, and vocalists as well as dance performances from the Tibetian, Burundian, and Somali Bantu communities. Demonstrations in blacksmithing and stone carving were ongoing throughout the afternoon—with additional presentations by granite carvers, basket makers, flower arrangers, weavers, and more happening regularly inside Union Station. Those that stuck around late into the afternoon were treated to a free meal prepared by the Somali Bantu community.  Master blacksmith, Lucian Avery summed it up when he wrote to us the following day: “I had a hard time leaving and I still missed most of what I wanted to see. I think the most inspiring part was just being around all the inspired people, folks with sparkles in their eyes.”

If you missed us on Saturday, but want to learn more—you can view multimedia stories about Lucian and several of the other participants on our website:

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